Best Fishing TV Programs in 2023

There is no shortage of fishing programs, especially now with all the streaming services offering more options than you probably have time to watch. That’s why it’s best to keep an eye out for the very best that is available. That’s exactly what we’re going to look at.

We’ve explored the options and selected the top five series offered. You’ll find the list below, including trending ones but also more long running shows that have been around for longer.

There is a plethora of fishing programs, and that’s precisely what we’ll explore

1. The Deadliest Catch

In The Deadliest Catch, you get to follow a variety of fishing boats out in the Bering Sea in Alaska. They catch king crabs, which are very large and almost look like spiders. In the series, you have a chance to learn more about the dangers that storms and deep-sea fishing can entail, but that’s not all.

The series is generally entertaining and features some antagonistic characters on the boats. Like all reality TV, there are no dull episodes when you watch the series. It’s not without reason that it has won 29 out of its 80 Emmy nominations.

2. River Monsters

River Monsters is classified as one of the world’s best TV series for fishing enthusiasts, but it’s just as interesting even if you don’t fish yourself. In the series, you follow Jeremy Wade, an extreme angler who travels the world to investigate local fish and other aspects of nature that have inspired various local myths about monsters and the like.

This makes the series interesting for more than just fishing enthusiasts. It’s very exciting to learn more about fish from around the world and to discover the truly scary specimens that exist in the world.

3. Battlefish

If you want something similar to Deadliest Catch, then Battlefish is a recommended series. In it, you follow different fishing boats in the Pacific Ocean fishing for Albacore Tuna. It’s an American series and exclusive to Netflix, which is something to keep in mind if you plan to watch it.

The series hasn’t had a lot of episodes and is quite a bit newer than Deadliest Catch, but at the same time, you can see where they got the inspiration for the series. It has pretty good ratings from viewers and can be worthwhile for those who want to learn more about the fishing industry in the Pacific Ocean and the challenges and problems encountered both in the job and in private life when working on professional fishing boats.

4. Major League Fishing

For those who want something more personal, it may be worth watching Major League Fishing. Instead of professional fishing boats and a focus on fishing as a profession, MLF is all about fishing tournaments. It’s a collaboration between the Professional Bass Tour Anglers’ Association and Outdoor Channel.

In the series, you follow different competitors and get to know them so you can learn more about what it’s like to compete in fishing, the challenges you have to face, and what else is going on in their lives. It’s an exciting and sometimes quite intense program.

5. Addictive Fishing

Addictive Fishing is a fantastic show where you follow Captain Blair Wiggins, who is a very charismatic fisherman. In the program, he travels around the USA catching interesting and unique fish. It’s a fairly simple program, but because Blair is such an interesting person, he manages to carry the whole show.

At the same time, you learn a lot about fish, and the catches are quite diverse, so you always have a chance to learn something completely new.

In Conclusion About Fishing Programs In 2023

There is no shortage of fishing programs, and now with streaming, it’s easier to access programs from around the world. We no longer have to rely on a limited number of channels to start broadcasting what we’re interested in.

In the list, you’ve been given a range of different options, and something should definitely suit you, no matter what kind of fishing program you’re looking for. All five suggestions are highly recommended, but for different reasons.