What We Do

What We Do

DeltaStripers serves as an advisory council. We work together with organizations and people. Most of our projects promote marine life and the fishing industry. As a council, we must recommend policies that will benefit related agencies. Also, we encourage members to communicate with concerned organizations and people. They include the public, boaters, anglers, and the government.

We want more people to know that fishing can be a source of income or a hobby. Of course, it would be best if you did not only think of your gains. Instead, also how your actions will impact marine life. We’re here to promote healthy marine life. Furthermore, we encourage people to do the same. It is why we regularly hold promotions and events to spread the word. Our goal is to let as many people know about marine life issues.

Moreover, we have subcommittees. Here, our council members deal with topics relevant to the industry. You can contact us for more information about what we do and how you can help. The more volunteers we have, the faster we can get closer to our goal. It is to keep marine life healthy and clean.

Passionate anglers: fishing defines what we do.
Passionate anglers: fishing defines what we do.

Our Programs

We are a work in progress, but we will only stop once we have reached our goal. To pursue this, we work with different agencies, including the following:

Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration

This program oversees grant projects. Additionally, it ensures funds go to the proper committees. Moreover, the agency ensures budgets for tribes and state agencies that promote their cause. In this regard, they provide annual grants to programs. Particularly for those aiming to improve fish ecosystems and wildlife.

Fish and Aquatic Conservation

As the name suggests, this program is all about saving marine life. We work with the agency to improve, restore, and preserve fisheries. All that we do will have long-term effects. These effects will benefit future generations.

Our Services

DeltaStripers is licensed to administer as a wildlife and fish agency. We abide by the Sport Fish Restoration Program as stated in the Dingell-Johnson Act of 1950. It is also known as the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (SFR). Mainly, it is how we get our funds.

We get our share of the revenues from excise taxes. Mainly, the Act’s provision states so. The law requires sport fishing material manufacturers to pay these taxes. Moreover, states get appropriations for industry revenues. We keep a share of the apportionment. It is because we are an agency dealing with wildlife and fish.

An SFR program regulation, the 50 CFR 80, was revised in 2008. It led to clarifications on the various concerns regarding procedures. Also, it includes the deletion of references to ancient forms. Moreover, it has an update on administrative requirements. It also amended the provisions regarding the retention of records. Lastly, it changed the annual certification of fishing and paid hunting licenses.

Our Laws and Regulations

Imagine life without laws. For sure, everything will be in chaos. Meanwhile, fishing has the same rights as casinos. To get things straight and legal, we follow the provisions of these laws:

Federal Advisory Committee Act

This 1972 Act serves as the legal basis of federal advisory committees and how they operate. The law gives particular definitions of terms we often practice. They include reporting, public involvement, chartering, and open meetings.

We must check the legalities of our actions. Therefore, we study this law’s provisions before giving a go-signal to policies. We also refer to it when members seek our help. They can be regarding boating, fishing, and marine life in general.

Recreational Fisheries — EO 12962 of June 7, 1995

This EO gives mandates to Federal agencies. In this regard, we refer to this EO to understand the legal extent of our plans. It provides statements on using US aquatic resources safely and productively. Furthermore, it has set rules on the function and quality of marine life.